Web Designer Tools: A Beginners Guide for Web Designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Web Designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Website designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who possess an array of web design skills are often disregarded despite being an important part of constructing appealing and easy-to-navigate web pages. These web designers possess an exceptional understanding of user experience components, adopt a compassionate approach, and utilize various web design tools as their unique strengths.

Web Designer Tools

Despite having a daunting task ahead, there are numerous reliable resources available to assist you in your web design journey. From useful platforms such as GitHub and Figma for design purposes, to efficient tools like Trello for project management, a variety of options exist to aid you.


Website designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not operate by themselves. A group of web designers consisting of UX, UI, interaction, and visual designers collaborate on projects. As a result, Trello, a project management tool, is included in our collection of web design tools.

Trello is not a recent tool in any way. It is widely used by teams in different sectors due to its straightforward and user-friendly interface. Designers can generate, organize, and distribute spreadsheets, emails, and tasks through this tool. Its drag-and-drop features, template boards, and availability of free plans make it an obvious choice for aspiring website designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a creative software in the Adobe Creative Cloud that was initially known as Project Comet when it was introduced in 2015 to compete with Sketch. It merges the features of Photoshop and Illustrator but stands out due to its emphasis on web design. While Photoshop and Illustrator are mainly used for print design, XD allows website designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to develop wireframes, responsive designs, and prototypes for websites.

Adobe XD should be considered by new web designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as it is one of the many widely accepted tools in the industry. Those who work in a team or freelance for a company that follows set standards may find it more convenient to incorporate and utilize their preferred tool.

Like any other Adobe software, Adobe XD does have a learning curve. Nevertheless, if you opt for a free trial or paid subscription, you will be provided with access to tutorials, how-to guides, as well as XD expert best practices.

Web designers have the option to experiment with Adobe XD for seven days before making any financial commitment. Within this period, you can assess whether Adobe XD or any other commonly used vector design tool is more suitable for your requirements. Following this trial, Adobe provides premium plans tailored to your usage and specific needs.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver, a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud, is a web design software. It enables web designers in Dubai to construct webpages, providing a visual designing experience in a “live” window. While advanced coding skills are not necessary, novice web designers could enhance their utilization of the design software by having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Dreamweaver is a widely used tool in the industry, which enables both web designers and web developers to generate and publish high-quality websites proficiently.


Canva is an online design tool ideal for inexperienced visual designers. It is included in our selection of web designer tools due to its user-friendly nature. Canvas editor allows users to easily create designs by dragging and dropping visual elements from its extensive content library and open-source repository. Additionally, Canva offers editable templates to help users get started with their designs.

There is no doubt that Canva has distinct features compared to Adobe Photoshop, providing more possibilities for creating unique and professional designs. However, Canva is suitable for individual, templative, or projects with limited resources.


Figma is primarily utilized as a comprehensive design tool, offering capabilities for graphic editing and interface design. Nonetheless, users can also employ Figma for wireframing websites, creating mobile app interfaces, prototyping designs, drafting social media posts, and other tasks.

Although we primarily emphasize Figma, the same organization provides FigJam as well, which is a collaborative brainstorming tool. FigJam serves as a virtual whiteboard platform enabling users to sketch, input text, and organize projects collectively. Particularly beneficial for remote teams, multiple users can conveniently access and modify FigJam’s collaborative whiteboards.

Figma and FigJam offer web-based accessibility, desktop applications for both macOS and Windows, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a versatile design software that empowers web designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to generate videos, graphics, and responsive web designs using HTML5 for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

This web design tool recommends that novice web designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi acquire coding skills. However, for those who are unfamiliar with coding, users have the option to switch between visual and HTML views, access instructional guides, and watch video tutorials.

To enhance the effectiveness of design, Google Web Designer seamlessly incorporates various other Google products, like Google Fonts and Studio Asset Library.


Sketch is a vector tool that allows users to create website and/or mobile app concepts without the need for coding. It competes with Adobe XD and Photoshop in terms of functionality and ease of use. UI and UX designers frequently utilize Sketch for its drag-and-drop feature. Additionally, Sketch offers a native Mac editor as well as a web-based editor.

We included this website design software in our list because it has an interface that is easy for beginners to use and allows for real-time collaboration. Furthermore, Sketch offers a variety of plugins that enhance the tool’s capabilities and can automate certain tasks.


It is a wireframing tool suitable for beginners that can be accessed through both a web application and a desktop app compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Balsamiq was included in our selection due to its Balsamiq Wireframing Academy. While other web design tools on our list provide tutorials and guides, Balsamiq stands out for its comprehensive approach.

The academy specifically caters to beginners, providing a clear explanation of what a wireframe is, why it is significant, and detailed instructions on how to create one. While a complete course or design school is more thorough, Balsamiq serves as a good starting point for novices.

Google Material Design

Google introduced Google Material Design as a design system and design language in 2014. A web designer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi might choose to experiment or design with Google Material Design for various reasons. One possible reason is the availability of thorough style guidelines within the tool. This can greatly assist new designers in the industry who require additional support as they embark on their tech careers.

The tool is highly regarded in the industry for various reasons, however, it does have its drawbacks. Beginners may find it challenging to grasp Material Design’s unique design language and guidelines. Nevertheless, Google offers a comprehensive collection of instructional resources. Moreover, while Material Design guidelines contribute to a consistent and visually pleasing look, they may also give an impression of sameness and lack of originality when compared to similar web pages that follow the same guidelines.


Final Thoughts

In previous times, website designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi were required to manually compose and construct their websites utilizing HTML, CSS code, and JavaScript. Thankfully, this is no longer the situation. By utilizing the finest web design tools, you can effortlessly transform your ideas into reality.

Luckily, in today’s web design scene, individuals have the opportunity to construct their own websites. This is made possible by a vast array of web design tools at their disposal. Nevertheless, each tool entails specific skill sets and knowledge prerequisites. Although there are a lot of tools available, you should take the time to learn more about each of these tools to get a better understanding of which tools suit you.



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