Native vs. Hybrid Apps: What’s Best for Your Business?

native vs hybrid apps

Another modern-world dilemma that routinely surfaces the cyberspace is the debate over native vs. hybrid apps. Mobile apps can bring unimaginable benefits to your business but launching one can seem like a tedious process. If you’ve chosen the best app development agency in Dubai, then your developers will guide you through the app journey and help you achieve your goals. However, before you start talking to your developers, it’s always great to have some knowledge in advance.

If you’re thinking of launching an app for your business, you can get overwhelmed with the options. Especially with the type of app you need to choose. The internet can bombard you with a ton of information that’s making you feel like you’re watching a foreign-language movie with no subtitles. Especially when you have barely any idea or a little bit of knowledge here and there. That’s why we’ve drafted an easy-to-understand blog detailing the key differences to help you make an informed decision after discussing them with your developer as well.

Differences between Native Apps and Hybrid Apps

Tech terms can confuse us profusely and make that one last brain cell we have to hibernate too. If you’re not familiar with the know-hows of app development, then trying to understand the difference between native apps and hybrid apps can be quite tacky. To put it in simple terms, native apps are designed to work only on ONE particular operating system, whereas hybrid apps are designed to work on MULTIPLE platforms.

Native apps are written in a platform-specific language, either Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. With elements of both native apps and web apps, code developed for hybrid apps can run on any platform. Both native apps and hybrid apps have their own pros and cons. You should consider them and discuss them succinctly with the best mobile application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi team to figure out which type best suits your business needs and goals.

Reasons to Go Native

With the development of mobile apps, native apps have always faced quite a bit of backlash for being on the expensive side. But there’s more to it than just that. If you’re wondering why you should go for a native app, check out the reasons down below.


If how fast your app works is a top concern for you, then native apps will get you covered. These apps are stored on the device and don’t require the internet; hence, their processing speed is not dependent on it. They can work faster as they are native to the platform they are built for. Since the app is already stored on the device, the visuals and content will load more quickly.

App Store Advantage

We all know what a massive marketing channel the app store is for apps. But did you know that the app store only features native apps? If your app gets featured on the App Store, it increases its chances of being discovered and has the hallmark of quality since it is backed up by the App Store. In addition to that, payment systems are also taken care of by the app store, whereas other web apps require integration within the app.

High Security and Scalability

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Whether it’s a medical app or a mental health app you want to launch for your business, users’ data can be highly sensitive, requiring agile data security measures. A native app will ensure that all your data is safe and secure. WhatsApp is a great example of a native app that has end-to-end data encryption. Since native apps have platform-specific built-in security features, they have more control over data flow and storage and can prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, native apps are scalable and can handle large amounts of data if demand grows. So, if you want to turn your growing skincare brand into an established e-commerce store, then a native app will do the job for you.

Offline Accessibility

If you want to launch an endless running in an ancient temple kind of game, like Temple Run, then a native app will be a great option for you. One great advantage of native apps is that they allow for offline accessibility. This means your app’s users will be able to access it regardless of annoyingly poor signals. This is because, the app is stored on the device and not hosted by web browsers.

Superior User Experience

User experience is a critical factor that will determine if your app succeeds or succumbs. As important as it is to choose the best app development agency in Dubai to ensure the ultimate user experience for your app, the choice of the type of app also plays a big role. Native apps are designed specifically for the platform they run on, they can take advantage of the design and features of the platform, making them more seamless, interactive, and engaging.

Reasons to Go Hybrid

With a combination of the features of native apps and web apps, hybrid apps have bombarded our smart phones. From G-Mail to Instagram, most apps nowadays are hybrid, making us wonder what’s the exaggerated hype about going hybrid. Check out some of the reasons below why business magnets opt for hybrid apps.

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Highly Cost-Effective

With business costs breaking the bank these days, budgeting is quite a big deal when it comes to investing in the business. If you’re a business owner looking for the best mobile application development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to develop a budget-friendly app, then hybrid apps can help you penny-pinch. Hybrid apps are quite cost-effective as they can be created utilizing well-known web technologies, unlike native apps that require separate education, knowledge, and resources. With hybrid apps, you won’t be biting holes in your pocket, as most of the time they cost half the price of native apps.

Multi-platform Support

Another reason why businesses can’t help but choose hybrid apps is because they offer a great balance between price and functionality. Hybrid apps can be developed in a breeze and have multi-platform support. This means that it uses a single code base and can be scaled on various platforms, including Android, iOS, and even Windows.

Faster Development

Due to the single-code advantage, a hybrid app can be developed and deployed quickly, making it the best solution for businesses in a hurry. Hybrid apps take less development time as developers need to write only one code base, unlike native apps, which require multiple code bases. If you don’t have much time and want to launch a simple app that can be deployed on multiple platforms in a short span of time, hybrid apps will do the job for you.

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to app maintenance, hybrid apps beat the native vs. hybrid app debate. That’s because native apps are developed separately for each platform and hence require maintenance or bug fixing separately on each platform. Hybrid apps easily solve this problem as they have a single code base, and resources, time, and money will hence be invested in a single platform. Developers will be able to make changes to this single shared code base, allowing consistency across all platforms.

Wider Audience

Launching a hybrid will allow you to reach a wider audience at once by marketing your app in several app stores, including Google Apps, the App Store, and others. With hybrid apps, businesses will be able to reach customers on multiple platforms and operating systems, allowing them to reach a wide audience in a short span of time.

Wrapping up the debate on Native vs. Hybrid Apps

Deciding on the type of app that best suits your business depends on many factors. If your business is on the verge of collapsing due to competition lurking around and survival is a top priority, then going for hybrid apps can be a better choice. This is because hybrid apps will help you reach many potential customers in a limited period, giving you a much-needed competitive edge. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality app with the best security and performance, then a native app will be a better idea.

Before you make that final decision, make sure to discuss it clearly with the best mobile application development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to ensure that the type of app aligns well with your business goals and needs.


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