UI UX Designer in Dubai

Get creative UI/UX design solutions to meet your needs! Code Guru offers a pleasant user experience in a macro and micro-detailed design. We believe in delivering tangible business results that help you increase the value of your brand and create happy, loyal customers. We design easy-to-use, responsive, and highly flexible websites and mobile apps for all devices.

We make things pretty functional!

Our designs are smooth yet visually appealing because we combine technical skills with the subtleties of design and the subtleties of actual user behavior.

An effective user experience that achieves the desired result should be based on the subtleties and logic and aim to ensure the smooth functioning of your website. UI/UX design should be economically viable and a joyful artistic expression that makes a strong impression.

We help you design real customer journeys

Our UX/UI design experts will provide you with blueprints and drafts based on user research and analysis. Make your website’s user experience believable with a well-thought narrative of the actions and behaviors that each visitor of your target audience is likely to experience when interacting with your brand.

Designing UI/UX websites across devices

The rapid pace of innovations in making our lives more convenient means that people prefer to interact with institutions anywhere, anytime. People are 5 times more likely to use your website from their mobile devices and 5 times more likely to come back if your digital presence is mobile optimized.

Let us help you create a mobile responsive website!

A mixture of art and science

Aesthetic Design

Code Guru Developers communicate with the UI/UX designers throughout the process of building your website or mobile app to provide insights into the function and purpose of each design feature.

Smarter design

Code Guru Designers research users’ needs, behaviors, emotional motivations and triggers through a series of agreed research methods and tools for an effective user experience.

Design Systems

Systems and patterns such as Material Design, Sheer Design, or Flat Designs are used to implement coherence, uniformity, and a positive user experience.


Code Guru helps you produce UI/UX web designs by applying advanced design techniques. From atoms to molecules; every aspect of your design will be developed to maximize the users’ experience.


thinking outside
the box is our motto

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1. Strategic planning

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2. 360 solutions

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3 . vision creation

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