Search Engine Optimization in Dubai (SEO)

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Currently, search engine optimization is a goal pursued by large companies all over the world. Whereas, obtaining the status and recognition of search engines on the website of any company, means an explicit recognition of its success and ability to compete.

It also affects the traffic of this or that company’s website, and directly contributes to its success or failure. So, if you want to achieve a wider spread in your field, your broad gateway is the capabilities of Google through its search results page.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, or “Search Engine Optimization” and expresses the practices that aim to increase and raise the quality of web traffic (the number of visits to a particular website), through unpaid search results on search engines, what is known as “Organic Search Results” means the regular unpaid search.

Although the term is an acronym for “search engine optimization”, this concept is more about people than search engines. It is about:

  • Understanding what users are looking for on the web.
  • The answers they seek to find.
  • The words they use in their research.
  • The type of content they are looking for.

When you can identify these things, you will be able to connect users who are searching on the Internet with the right solutions offered by your website. It is worth noting that SEO is a two-sided coin, where the first face is to know what users are searching for on the Internet, while the second face is to provide this information in a way that search engines can find and understand so that they can communicate it to the users.

Is SEO Important?

Although paid advertising and social media platforms are able to bring more visitors to your website, most of your online traffic comes from search engines.

Not only that, Organic Search results appear to professional researchers more reliable and get more clicks than paid ads. As of the search results shown to users in the United States of America, users click on only 2.8% of paid results.

Not only that, as SEO is the only online marketing method that, if you use it well, will bring you continuous profits and always satisfactory results. If you put relevant content that deserves to be shown on the search results page for a suitable keyword, your site traffic will increase over time for free. Whereas, content marketing by other means requires constant payment of money in order to increase traffic and the number of visitors.

And even though the different search engines are getting smarter, they still need your help. Therefore, you must improve your site so that it can deliver the information better to the search engine, so that the latter can find this information, index it, and then display it on the results page.


How Can We Help You?

Featured Content:

In short, you have to ask yourself: Does my content answer the audience’s questions? Can I provide a solution to their problems with the services I provide? In fact, everyone wants unique, useful and attractive content at the same time, and if you achieve it, you will get the first results in the search.

Most important keywords:

In fact, this criterion is easy and impossible at the same time, as it is easy to use the keywords that are most important to the audience, but finding and knowing them requires that you are fully aware of what is happening around you, and that you discover what the job market requires. In addition to using some tools that enable you to know the words with high resonance during this period, for example.

The most important of these free tools are: Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner.

Constantly updating content:

Because search spiders are constantly accessing published articles, it is best to add new information. Including a new video about previous information in your article can be helpful, and don’t forget to update the date when you make any changes.

Attention to internal and external links:

Its existence is directly related to your PageRank, because it gives the browser of your site a greater opportunity to collect more information.

This leads to the feeling of your visitors that it is rich in knowledge, which contributes to an increase in their visits and browsing to your site for sure.

Page load speed:

Always try to take care of the user experience, and try entering your site more than once to make sure that it responds quickly when you click on its link. Make sure that slow websites get visitors away without returning to them!

Improve site click rates:

It stands for CTR rate, which stands for Click through rate. The click rate is improved by differentiating the content on your page, and taking special care of attractive titles, in addition to the information and description of the page as well.

Therefore, taking care of the content is very important, because it is the first factor that helps your site appear on the top of Google search results.

But are there any favorite tips for your unique content? There are undoubtedly factors on which the success of your site depends, and they must be recognized.


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