BEST Mobile Application Development in Dubai

Mobile Application Development in Dubai

Build your mobile application with the best design gurus in the field.  Leverage a super-powerful & easy to use platform with a tech-tastic mobile application development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!


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Research-backed, robust strategies for seamless user experiences.

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Creativity packed, functional designs to captivate users.

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Dynamic mobile apps without a single need to code.


Industry best practices to streamline in-app support experience.

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Synergizing modernism and technical brilliance to deliver cutting edge solutions.

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Game-changing coding to help your ratings and reviews skyrocket the cyberspace.

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Our team of brilliant Code Masters and Creatives have delivered IMPACTFUL mobile applications for a range of unique industries.

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Create world class mobile applications and tap into limitless opportunities.

At Code Guru, we manifest your ideas to innovative digital realities. And we do it with absolute passion.


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Why CodeGuru?

We turn your ideas in to a slick design that grabs attention and makes some noise. Create an outstanding mobile app with the best mobile application development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and mark your territory in the market.

Mobile App Development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

From booking hotels to ordering a hot caramel latte, mobile apps have become the new norm in our tech infused world. They make the lives of users easier and grow the sales of business owners, creating a win-win for both. With the help of the best mobile application development company in Dubai, anything is possible. From saving people to savoring on your cravings with simply a swipe and a click.

At Code Guru, we manage your mobile application through the entirety of its lifecycle ensuring you’re satisfied with the process, UI/UX, and designs we produce. Our company ensures that we get optimal outcomes for you and your audience by applying the most recent technology developments. Here are a few of the key features that may interest you:

  • Camera Access Capabilities
  • GPS Functionalities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Payment Technology
  • Instant Apps

We work according to specific standards for designing mobile apps, which ensures the creation of a successful application that achieves the purpose of its creation and works to enhance effective communication between you and your customers.

Designing effective and successful mobile applications that achieve the desired goal is what Code Guru promises you.

The Best Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Our mission depends on creating high quality innovative mobile applications designed and developed with the latest technologies.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Great question!

The platform on which you want to deploy your app depends on your business goals, needs and objectives. Deciding to build your mobile product as either a web, native, or hybrid app involves a variety of factors for consideration. These include user experience, performance, cost, and responsiveness. 

Now this is another realistic question that you need to have at least an idea about.

Generally, it takes somewhere around 6 to 7 months to finish the mobile app development process straight from ideation to launch, depending on the complexities of the app. Reach out to us with a game-changing idea and a deadline and we’ll wisp it into a reality soon.

The frequency of app updating mostly depends on the issues your app is facing or have been reviewed about and any new trends that you want your app to hop on.

While some brands who update their app every other week, others don’t until a year. There is no definitive research-based answer on which is better, and it actually depends on you and the industry you are working in and on those whom you are developing the app for.

Great question!

Design is another significant factor to consider in the app development process as it affects user experience, retention, and even the profitability of your app. With your target users well-defined, you can have a rough outline of your design drawn out that aligns with their tastes.

We are ready when you are! Just give us a call or drop a ‘hey’ on WhatsApp and we will be with you right away.

Like time, cost is another factor that depends on the complexity, design and features of your app. As much as we’d like to give you an outright answer, we won’t be able to until we properly assess your requirements.

You can get a quote now by contacting us. 

We accept payment in two stages; first in advance and then the remaining amount once the project is delivered.

Are you having sleepless nights contemplating on how you can protect your app idea?

You’re not alone. One of the most common questions is finding ways to protect an app idea before it’s copied. The only answer to this would be launching it before somebody else does. Although while you are at the ideation cum conceptualization stage, you can protect your idea from getting shared by signing an NDA with the app development company you’ve partnered with.

Whether your app will be released in one go or have several releases depends on the strategy you choose. Strategies include, Feature based; releasing it when all required set of features are ready, scheduled; releasing your app at a scheduled date regardless of whether it’s completed or not, and the last strategy, continuous; which allows the release as soon as the code is merged and tested. The strategy chosen should depend on the type of your app and its users.

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