7 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Mobile App Conversion Rates.

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If you’re reading this blog, then it’s probably because your mobile app is making users bored out of their skulls. I’m not rude; I’m just stating facts. Whether you’re here because you have a terrifying app that you want to make terrific or are a mobile app developer beginner who wants to brush their knowledge on some super important info, we’ve got you covered. Before we take a head-dive through the mobile app conversion rates optimization techniques, let’s first learn what exactly the mobile app conversion rate is.  

What’s a Mobile App Conversion Rate? (MAC) 

We’ve always known how important ROI is to a business. A mobile app conversion rate is very similar to an ROI, both being higher the better. In the world of mobile app technology, the MAC basically stands for the number of desirable actions taken on your mobile app. Optimizing this rate is the key to having your app nail the mobile app market, climb the charts, and please the crowds. The MAC is an indication of how attractive the app is in the eyes of the users, how well it retains its users, and how effective it is in making users install the app. The mobile app conversion rate will help you identify its weaknesses, improve its performance, and ultimately lead you towards reaching your business goals.

Here’s 7 Most Important Ways to Increase Your Mobile App Conversion Rates 

1. Stress on Easy Installation

Put yourself in the shoes of your user. Now, would you really prefer an app that keeps on loading for what seems like 464468 years? No, I’m not even exaggerating. Sometimes waiting for an app to load feels worse than waiting for a dentist appointment. It’s important that the installation process be streamlined and uncomplicated so that users are not easily frustrated or annoyed by lengthy procedures. Keep the instructions short and sweet, clear and concise, and give cool incentives or rewards to make it a win-win!

 2. Impressions Matter 

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First impressions are important because, obviously, they’re the first determining factor for the user’s likelihood of downloading and using the app. According to some studies, it is reported that users determine within the first few seconds of viewing the app in the Play Store or App Store. That’s why you need to make sure that your app is eye candy the moment your users interact with it. A few things to keep in mind are a well-designed app icon, an intriguing name, and a compelling listing showcasing its features and benefits.

3. Go for a Great Description

Imagine reading a super-technical description of a mobile app that requires a thesaurus to understand. A user wouldn’t want to install an app when they can’t even decipher the description, would they? Having a super catchy description with a string of words that makes the user go ‘woah!’ is one of the key conversion rate optimization tactics for mobile apps. The app stores and the Play Store give you enough space to be wise with your words, so keep in mind to keep them clear and concise, but don’t forget to give them a touch of creativity as well. Moreover, once you’ve chosen the best mobile application development agency in Dubai to develop your app, ask them to include keywords and elaborate on the features that will benefit your users.

4. Lookout For Reviews and Ratings 

From a game console to a guaranteed hair growth mask, the first thing we all do before we get something online is scan for the reviews and the ratings. We frantically search for the good, the bad, and the ugly side of it all. Undoubtedly, it works the same way for mobile apps. In fact, the role of user feedback in enhancing mobile app conversion rates is so prominent because it acts as social proof that your app offers a remarkable user experience. Lookout for reviews and respond to them, even if they’re negative. This will make the users aware that you’re listening to them and are taking corrective action. 

5. Pace Up Your Push Notifications 

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If you’re wondering whether utilizing push notifications for improved app conversion really works, then yes, it does. In fact, incorporating push notifications for your mobile application development in Dubai would help you engage and retain users. And retaining users is one way to increase your mobile app conversion rates. Giving a gentle reminder of upcoming discounts or new launches and updates can keep you in touch with them frequently and help you learn so much about your potential and existing users.

6. Have a Killer CTA 

I know what you’re thinking. ‘How can merely a button bring more conversions?’ With the right words in your call to action, you can make a highly positive impact on your conversion rates. A line to keep in mind would be, ‘Those who don’t click won’t convert’. It is deemed to be powerful enough to skyrocket your Mac in the mobile app world. In fact, adding actionable CTAs can spike up push notification campaign outcomes by more than 40%.  Five key areas to focus on to improve your CTAs would be: contrasting colors that match your brand design and users’ emotions; great positioning; and creativity with the words.

7. Humanize and Personalize 

The COVID-19 may have been an awesome year for introverts who’re allergic to human interaction. But after the storm of the virus had ceased, according to reports, while a small percentage preferred interacting with businesses online, the majority wanted to have more human interaction. At the end of the day, a hint of humanization and a spoonful of personal touch might be exactly what your user needs in your app after a bad day. A few examples of improving MAC with personalized user journeys would be by allowing your user to interact with a personal counselor on a mental health app or by having challenges and rewards to motivate the user on a fitness app. Remember, a little thing done to humanize and warm up the heart of the user can go a long way. 

Final Take On Increasing Your Mobile App Conversion Rates

It is important to understand what factors affect your mobile app conversion rates, and how you can make appropriate changes to spike it up. So, if you’ve been struggling with shrinking conversion rates for your mobile app, then consider the above-mentioned simple steps and make some magic happen! Remember, put yourself in the shoes of your user and ask yourself some key questions. You’ll have the answers, which will lead you to look for solutions, and this will finally result in higher mobile app conversions.


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