A complete guide to learn UI/UX design for beginners

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UI/UX design has become one of the most popular tools in recent times and one of the most important elements in building projects, and if you are interested in user experience and user interface design? And you want to get started in this field, we will offer you a complete UI/UX design guide for beginners that will give you the first push to start UI/UX design.

First and briefly, we will clarify the meaning of the term UI /UX more so that everyone can understand what these concepts are basically.

UI – User Interface 

It is the interface that the user sees through the screens of the devices, for example: computers, mobile phones, iPads, ATMs… which are graphic elements, images and texts. Often this interface is interactive between the machine and the user.

For example, the design that we see in iPhone applications is the user interface.

UX – User Experience

It is the user experience while browsing (websites, applications…) and the way he interacts with the user interface.

The user experience designer always makes sure that the user reaches his goal in an easy way while browsing and also on the other hand, to deliver it to the goal of the (website or application…)


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