Principles of UI/UX Design

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We may all have heard of the term User Experience Design or for short, UX Design, but what does this term mean?

The science of user experience design is not a new thing. It had its beginnings in tangible products since the middle of the last century, but it expanded very dramatically in the nineties in digital products after it emerged as an independent term UX Design by Donald Norman, who was working at Apple when he first came up with UI/UX Architect as a job title.

This specialization is considered one of the most important global specialties today, as the global recruitment network LinkedIn has been ranked as the fifth skill globally, and many international sites are in great demand for all jobs related to UI/UX designers.

User interface design is responsible for transferring brand strengths and visual assets to the product interface to improve the user experience. It is a visual guiding process for the user through the product interface via interactive elements and across all sizes/platforms.

User interface design is a digital field, which includes the responsibility of collaborating and working with developers or code.

Or analogically, user interface design produces a product: Skin: includes the visual or graphic presentation of the product. The senses: product interaction. Makeup: Includes product guides, tips, and directions that visually lead users through their experience.

The science of UI/UX design is not only a specialty or a profession, it is a lifestyle. Some people have years of experience and still learning something new every day, a unique specialty, fun, logical and impactful, every project has its specific challenges, and every target group has needs and each business has its own goals, a UI/UX designer must fuse all of these things into one melting pot and come up with a solution that works for everyone. The UI/UX designer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi must have the eye of an artist, the mind of a scientist, the logic of a thinker, and the empathy of a psychiatrist. This is a specialty for a lifetime and an entire life.


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