What is user experience UX and user interface design UX/UI Design?

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UI/UX design are both essential areas of the product and they work perfectly together. But despite their professional relationship, their roles are completely different. UX design is a more analytical and technical field and UI design is closer to so-called graphic design, although the responsibilities are somewhat more complex.

Rahul Varshni says; Foster. fm co-creator: “UX/UI are among the terms that are misunderstood and used. Great product experience starts with user experience UX followed by user interface. Both are essential to the success of the product.”


What is UI/UX design?

User Experience UX Design

Attributed to Don Norman; a cognitive scientist and co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy, he coined the term in the late 1990s declaring that “User experience UX encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with a company, its services, and products.”

This means that regardless of their medium, user experience UX design includes any interactions between potential or active customers and the company. As a scientific process that can be applied to anything; Street lights, cars, etc.

However! Although it is a scientific term, its use from the beginning has been almost in numerical domains. One important reason is that the industry has begun to advance with the advent of the term. Another reason was that it was just a good way to paraphrase a practice that had already existed for hundreds of years known as “market research,”. But however, user experience UX design is not a market research function. Although it uses many of the same techniques to achieve a complex end goal structure, analyze and improve customer experience with the company and its products.

Responsibilities of a user experience UX designer.

Competitor analysis, customer analysis, product/strategy structure, content development, wireframe, prototyping, testing/iteration, development planning, implementation and analytics, coordination with UI designer(s), coordination with developers, goal tracking and integration, analysis and iteration.

The goal of a user experience UX designer’s responsibilities is to link business goals to user needs. It involves a process of testing and refining those that meet both sides of the relationship.


User experience UX design is the process of developing and improving the quality of interaction between the user and all aspects of the company. User experience UX Design is responsible for handling the process of research, testing, development, content and prototyping to test quality results.

In theory it means a non-digital practice (cognitive science). But it is often used by digital industries.

So if you are interested in sociology, cognitive science, or beautiful products, UX is for you. But if you are more into the visual interface after you understand the principles then UI design may suit you.

User Interface UI Design

Despite being an older and more sophisticated field, the question of “What is user interface design? “It’s hard to answer because there are definitions that you misunderstand. Whereas user experience is a set of tasks focused on improving the product for efficient and enjoyable user. User interface design is its complement, the look and feel presentation and interactivity of the product. But as with UX, the industries that occupy UI designers can easily be confused. So much so that different jobs may often refer to the profession as completely different things.

If you want a job position as a user interface designer, you will often find explanations for the profession that are similar to graphic design. Sometimes it extends to brand design, and even front end development.

If you take note of expert definitions of UI design, you will often find descriptions that are partially identical to UX design, referring to the same structural techniques. User interface design is a purely digital profession.

Regardless of whether you choose between UI/UX design in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is important to understand how the other works, and most importantly, how to approach it.


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