How do you learn website development in Dubai?

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If you think that learning web development in Dubai is so yesterday, you are totally wrong! It is no secret that the availability of applications for any startup company on smartphones or tablets is crucial.

However, with the advancement of the concept of cloud computing and its dependence greatly, in addition to the emergence of modern web development techniques, the prestige of web development in Dubai has returned again to the extent that web development languages are used in developing applications for smart devices.

How do you learn website development in Dubai?

Knowing the components of a web page before learning web development is essential, as it consists first of the basic structure language HTML, and secondly of the formatting language CSS, in addition to programming languages ​​such as JavaScript. All of the above can be considered from the client side, or in other words it is implemented on the user’s device and is affected in one way or another by the type of browser, the processing speed on the device and the graphics card in some times. Web page components extend to include programming languages ​​on the server, or what is called the Server Side, which in itself is a separate and vast sea.

So, the answer to the question of how to learn website development in Dubai is very simple, you should start by learning HTML, which is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. With this language, you get to know the main sections of each web page, as well as the components of each section or what are known as tags.

After mastering the web page elements, you will need a tool to coordinate these elements and here comes the role of CSS language, through which you can control any element and its properties such as font color, size, type, as well as its place within the page etc. Finally, JavaScript is a programming language that complements the previous languages. Have you ever entered the wrong password or left a blank field and got a popup telling you there was a problem? In short, this is the JavaScript language.

After you have mastered the previous languages, you have succeeded in creating fairly interactive web pages. However, the information available within it is fixed or variable, but in a very small percentage. So, in this case you need to master one of the server programming languages. Server-side programming languages ​​are diverse, perhaps most notably PHP or ASP.NET from Microsoft. In addition, Python and Ruby are very powerful languages ​​that are somewhat modern, but their simplicity has allowed them to spread widely.

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