What does a website development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi do?

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One of the factors that contribute to success today in the Gulf region is the design of your website to participate in the digital transformation and to ensure the success of your project on a larger scale, as smartphone and Internet users reach 82% of the population of the Gulf countries.

Although website development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi realized this and started designing websites for their businesses, the ride towards digital transformation was limited and on a very small scale that was not based on continuous study, analysis and development.

What does web development mean?

What is meant by developing websites is to assemble the elements of websites, and to plan the appropriate multimedia contents so that they are displayed in an aesthetic way, and this is done through many specialized programming languages, as well as a well-structured study, in order to produce the final website and launch it online!

The website is configured so that it is fully prepared for display on all browsers such as: Google Chrome – Firefox – Safari and other Internet browsers. Thus the purpose of creating your website is achieved, and it is worth noting that there are several requirements that must be met in order to achieve the success of the site, and these requirements are in:

A name for the website commensurate with its activity and expresses it (Domain)

Hosting websites in order to place all website data, providing sufficient space for that data and files, provided that this space is backed-up by all means of security and protection for your website against hacker attacks.

Continuous follow-up of changes and bugs that occur on the website, and their immediate solution so that your website and your activity are not affected.

All this and more is provided to you by Code Guru Website Development Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With us, your activity is our responsibility and your success is a goal that we seek to achieve.


Therefore, when designing your company’s website or project, you must choose a suitable and experienced website development company in dubai. Choose a company that is moving towards progress, continuous development, and flexibility in implementing digital transformation strategies that help you choose the design for your website.


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