How To Improve The Visual Aesthetics of Your Mobile App

mobile app aesthetics

From cars to kitchens and Instagram feeds and restaurants, the aesthetics of places and things have become increasingly important to captivate people. So what exactly does it mean to be aesthetic? And how can it apply to mobile apps? Dive in to find out all about mobile app aesthetics.

What is Aesthetic Appeal in Mobile Apps?

The aesthetic appeal of the app refer’s how visually pleasing the app is to the user’s eye. Whether it sports a modern sleek design, or a cute and colorful look, every app has its own unique aesthetic appeal which may be liked by some users and disliked by others. The aesthetic appeal can largely affect the user’s satisfaction and journey throughout the app. Colors, fonts, icons, images and animations are all part of the aesthetic of the app and need to be consistent to be visually appealing.


As user expectation mounts and technology evolves, there’s one thing most users keep looking for in mobile apps- the aesthetic appeal. Be it a banking app or online retail store app, how aesthetic an app is will significantly impact the user’s impression and contribute to re-informing a brand’s image.


Five Key Tips To Improve The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Mobile App.


Work on a Well-Designed Icon


Sometimes we tend to disregard app icons as it’s something small and believe it will not make a major difference to an app’s performance. But understand that it’s on top of the list for good reason. Designing an eye catching app icon will not only help you entice users but also reflect the core value of your mobile application. If you’re working on your mobile application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi make sure that you use icons with CTA buttons, toolbars, menus, or small texts and try to create a full set of icons to match the app’s different needs and scenarios. When your icons are interactive, it will encourage users to make purchases and linger longer on your app.


Select The Perfect Screenshots


Along with your app’s icons, title, and headline, screenshots are also very important for your app’s page in the store. They predominantly showcase the visual aesthetics of the app and help a user understand how the app looks on the inside. Screenshots largely contribute to the visual aesthetics of your app and a clean yet attractive design with captivate users to take action and explore further. Make sure your screenshots mirror your brand’s scheme and theme and has the right balance of content to avoid overwhelming users.


Choose Your Fonts and Colors Wisely


We all know how colors can impact the perception users have about apps. In fact the colors you choose can affect the moods, emotions, stress levels and behaviors. Placing your colors and typography strategically can create a huge difference to the visual esthetics of the app. By following a few simple tips like understanding color psychology to curate the perfect color palette to your app and ensuring you choose a font style to match the purpose of your app, you can nail your app’s visual aesthetics. Soft, muted colors with a minimalistic design approach can give your app the modern aesthetic theme to your app.


Ensure Consistency


Another important factor to keep in mind for mobile application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is to prioritize a consistent design language throughout your app. This includes incorporating the same colors, font styles, animations and UI elements for all pages in the app. This will make the app user-friendly as the visuals become familiar and users can navigate seamlessly throughout the app. Consistency also instills a sense of trust and professionalism making the app more visually aesthetic.


As we already discussed above, the visual aesthetics of an app can affect users’ emotions and forge emotional connections and elevate the mobile app experience to new heights. Designers must take into consideration the visual aesthetics of mobile apps when creating them as they contribute a lot to the user’s journey through the app.


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