How Can A Real Estate App in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Help Heal Your Business

real estate app in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Real estate businesses are without a doubt spreading like wildfire in Dubai. The city is full of people from around the globe coming from a kaleidoscope of cultures. 

While some are looking for lavish lifestyles, others are on the search to keep it simple and humble. Regardless, people with money are looking for places to invest. 

When it comes to real estate in Dubai, the industry is back with a boom like never before post the pandemic storm. If you’re running a real estate business and wanna know how the best mobile application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can help it heal and grow, keep reading!

The Impact of Mobile Phones in Real Estate

I’m not going to ramble about how mobile phones have changed our lives, how the digital world is all magical and blah blah blah. But maybe I’m going to ramble how the suddenly emerged smartphone has indeed impacted the real estate industry with revolutionary change. Don’t be mad. I just wanted to give a heads up. Anyway, I’m going to keep it real. In typical Gen  Z lang, here’s some OG content on how a mobile app will make your real estate business bussin in no time, -no cap! 

5 Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate App in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  1. Nail That Visibility


Many businesses are now easily becoming buzzworthy brand names with the help of a mobile app and a website. That’s because they’ve made accessing their apps a breeze. I mean how many times have you decided to place an order or skim through choices in an app rather than directly visit the store. Like a zillion maybe? 

The modern age calls for modern solutions. Same applies to the real estate business. While some people are resistant to change and love to do things the same old way, others actually prefer saving time and energy even if they’re hesitant to accept change.

By creating a unique and easy to use real estate app in Dubai, you’ll be able to reach an audience not just in your local area, but people around the city. Dubai residents are extremely busy and mostly tech savvy. Now, what better way to make good use of this market than a real estate app? 

The ultimate real estate app built to cater a wonderful user experience will help turn your existing customers and find new customers. By making your app available on the playstore, and app store, anyone will be able to reach you within a few taps. You can showcase commercial property listings, connect landlords, with owners and property managers easily, increasing your audience and your visibility at the same time.

    2.  A Versatile Way To Promote

An average user uses 9 apps per day. You may think that going through all that trouble of finding the best mobile application developer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, creating it and finally launching will take ages. And even if you did launch one, it’s nearly impossible to ensure that your app falls in one of the nine.

Well you’re right. But it’s NEARLY not COMPLETELY impossible. 

Let me break it to you, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Alright, alright now I don’t wanna sound like a Monday morning motivation notification. But people with needs will never let go of a chance that will give them value. If customers feel like your real estate mobile application in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will help them find properties at the best deals without much of a hassle, then maybe you’ll land in the 8th position. Wondering why I said 8?  Just, no reason. (^.^)

Using a real estate app will help you market your business in a plethora of ways. Some of them include:

  • Offering tools to calculate mortgage payments in a simple way.
  • Allowing them to save their favorites to compare prices easily.
  • Building an attractive app with information on listings and contact details
  • Providing the latest estimates on home values for sellers
  • Local school, stores, and other convenient stores ratings

   3. Make it a Great User Experience


Whether it’s a 1BK with a pea sized balcony in downtown Dubai, or a premium villa in Al Ain, an app should help people find a property easily.

For some people, it’s just another investment that intrigued them. For others it could be a safe haven they’re soon going to call their home. Whatever they’re looking for, a mobile app can recommend what best suits their preferences and showcase them through an interactive interface. This will make them love the personalized experience and help them cut on those long dreadful calls.

Real estate apps will definitely be on the journey of tech savvy users wanting to buy a property. Ensuring that you have an app that boasts a great user experience will make users choose your app over your competetors. Include features for sorting, filtering and finding property listings, mortgage payments, and much more.

  4. Engage Better with Your Users

The real estate sector in Dubai is growing at unimaginable rates. What does this mean for businesses? Great big opportunities. I know. On the other hand, competition is soaring at unimaginable rates. In fact, these days, I stare at the screen wondering why I’m bombarded with so many reels on real estate rather than street food or sushi. I mean I’m just a foodie with barely enough money to survive let alone invest in a property in Palm Jumeirah.

You get the idea. Real estate businesses in Dubai are exploiting every opportunity to engage better with their customers. Even non-customers for that matter. To thrive in such a competitive sector, and secure your own target audience, a real estate app may actually be of help. 

Don’t you feel like accessing a brand’s website feels like driving across town to a grocery store while surfing through the same brand’s app feels like walking to a grocery store opposite to your house? I mean apps just feel so close and personal, don’t they?

By logging in to your real estate app in Dubai, users will be able to check for properties at anytime and anywhere. The app will also allow you to send push notifications regarding new listings, updates and promotions. 

  5. Give It a Touch Of AR


According to a research by The Insight Partners, the value of the global VR market is expected to reach $252.16 billion by 2028.

The impact of AR on your real estate will for sure take it to the next level. If you don’t know already, AR or augmented reality is a technology that gives an immersive experience by adding virtual elements to real world environments. But how does this work for the real estate world?

In real estate, augmented reality allows users to visualize environments in 3D. In other words, your app’s users will be able to visit the apartment on the app from the comfort of their own home. Sounds ironic right? Well, welcome to the technology era. 

From checking out final results of a construction plan to visualizing a cozy holiday home for your family, AR will give your users a seamless and captivating experience.

With AR implementation, users will not feel dreadful about covering ten to fifteen house tours on the same day with sore feet. 

They’ll understand how living in the apartments will be by simply viewing it with the AR version. Both you and your users will be able to save time and resources.

Final Thoughts On Developing a Real Estate App In Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Making use of a digital tool doesn’t sound so bad now eh?

Whether house hunting, or property management, whatever realtor business you’re in, an app will bring in so many benefits. With real estate businesses multiplying like mosquitos in Dubai, you need to find a way to drive away the competitors creeping up in every corner. You can now develop a stunning, interactive realtor app with,, an ideal mobile application development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This will help unleash the potential of your business and climb on to the bandwagon of tech advancements.


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