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If you’re thinking of iOS or Android application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are brainstorming for some unique, out of the box ideas that will also bring immense value for users, then you’ve landed on the right page!

Is the earth round? Is the Sun hot? Do you have a new business idea once every 2 days? Are you scanning the internet for some mind blowing and unique app ideas that will absolutely intrigue people? If the answer is yes, then you’ve landed on the right page! Apps are transforming our lives no doubt. Sometimes they’re saving us a lot of time, sometimes they’re helping us find soulmates and sometimes they’re just trying to remind us that we need to drink water. In fact, according to research, an average smartphone user uses nearly 9 apps a day and 30 apps a month. Whether we accept it or not, it’s almost a universal phenomenon that the last thing we look at before we sleep, and the first thing we look at after we wake up is.. Drumroll… an app.

Top 10 Ideas to Revolutionize Your Mobile Application Development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

While some of them may sound boring, they’re without a doubt going to be something new. And if you’re looking to develop an app with one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai, maybe one of these will finally blow your mind!

1. Car Parking Slot Reservation App

A problem that most people with a vehicle can relate to and can’t avoid is a parking problem. Those two words alone can bring a fear no horror movies can. What if an app on the pocket-sized smart device can actually resolve this problem? Next time people go to the movies they can avoid missing the first bit, going around in circles trying to secure a parking spot. A car parking slot reservation app can help locate and reserve a parking spot. The app would collect data (GPS) data, cameras, location information, and real-time parking availability to help the user find a parking spot quickly.

2. Medical Consultation App


Waiting for a doctor for what seems like years can be really frustrating, whether it’s a non-critical or critical trip to the hospital. To solve this problem to some extent, healthcare apps are slowly rising in popularity making our lives a whole lot easier. Making virtual healthcare accessible through a mobile app will allow users to experience non-emergency consultations that are effective, preventive and less expensive. Whether it’s dental-only or diabetics related, a healthcare app that connects patients and doctors will prove to be extremely useful. Checkout Code guru for your iOS or android application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to launch your own on-demand health care app in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

3. Food Recommendation app

Whether it’s for tourists in Dubai who’re looking for the hottest new eateries that will suit their taste buds, or a group of colleagues looking for the best no-carb brunch spot in town, a food recommendation app will recommend well-reviewed apps for specific needs. A major dilemma that couples, friends, and all of us face on weekends especially is where to eat. By launching an app you’ll be able to help out husbands and provide solutions with real-time info on restaurants nearby based on keywords they use such as, ‘for date’, ‘for work discussion’, ‘family-friendly, etc.

4. Pet Sitting App


People are always traveling around the world whether it’s for work meetings or friends’ weddings. And sometimes simply because they love to travel and explore the world. But they also love their pets unconditionally and would consider canceling plans to ensure their pets are not miserable and lonely. And that’s where the problem comes in. Calling up a friend or relative to pet sit is not an option always and checking for pet resorts can be a wallet draining process. By searching for application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you’ll be able to launch the best pet sitting mobile application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and help people worry less when they’re traveling.

5. Toy Exchanging App

A disregarded pile of barely used toys will always build up in the corner of a house with little kids. We tend to buy toys for kids too many times although they’re expensive and we know that they’re going to be used for like two times maximum. Kids get bored quickly and moms have to find new ones frequently. A toy exchanging app will allow for a sustainable and unique way of attaining toys that are not only earth friendly but also don’t give us a heart attack with its price tag.

6. Mood Monitoring App

Mood swings are undoubtedly taking a toll on our daily lives. We’re frustrated, agitated, and sometimes end up feeling like we’re useless for a whole entire day simply because we dropped a spoon during breakfast cereal. A mood monitoring app will help users track their moods on a daily basis, monitor what triggers them a lot, and understand important patterns in their mood. This will in turn allow them to take proper care of mental health. In fact, according to research conducted, using a mood-tracking app facilitated self-awareness and helped users to look back on a previous emotion or mood experience to understand what was happening.

7. Virtual Study Group App

Study groups have always been helpful and effective, most of the time even more than boring classroom lectures that are painfully unfathomable. Why not think out of the box, and take one step ahead by making studying groups a virtual concept? When it comes to gaining knowledge there’s just many different areas of study that different users will love to learn and be a part of. Launching a virtual study group with the help of top mobile application development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you’ll be providing digital social support and help people not just learn but make friends across Dubai and UAE.

8. Sleep Quality App

Walking to the office on a Wednesday morning with designer eye bags has become a habit for most of us. We’re all sleep deprived humans waiting for weekends only to be wide awake by on Sunday. A sleep app would be a great idea for people with disastrous sleep routines. You can launch a sleep app by reaching out to an android application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to provide them with customized sleep coaching to help people sleep better. Your sleep can also have features like calm music and meditation techniques.

9. Travel Safety App

As the number of globe trotters increase so does the concern for their safety. Passionate travelers around Dubai and the world face a lot of risks. A travel safety app can provide users with real time information about warnings, alerts and risks in the area. The app should also be able to rank locations based on safety and alert areas of high risks and have contacts for emergency assistance in Dubai. By developing a platform for travel safety, you can make travel more fun and less risky for users.

10. On Demand Flower Delivery App


If you’re a big fan of flowers, you might as well make an app about it. I know what you’re thinking, not as easy as it sounds. Well it wouldn’t be so hard if you get some help from the best mobile application development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A flower delivery app would be the best thing for users who wanna add that touch of floral elegance to their living room for sudden gatherings or even surprise a friend on a random day. Not only will it make someone’s day but also ensure timely and fresh deliveries across Dubai.

Wrapping up

Now that we’ve reached the end of the blog, I hope you were inspired to create an app that’s innovative and at the same time will bring value to your users. Whatever business you run, you can always bring more life to it through an app. With the help of some Ios or android application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi like code guru, you can make your startup standout and unleash its potential with a cutting-edge app.


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