What skills does a UI/UX web designer need?

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What skills does a user interface web designer need?

There are several requirements and specific tasks that any UI web designer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has to perform in order to perform his work to the fullest; In order to do so, he must possess the following skills:

  1. Knowledge of design basics (time theory – writing – contrast).
  2. Knowing how to design the brand identity, and what that includes in designing logos and choosing the colors that the brand depends on permanently.
  3. Being able to use basic design programs (Photoshop – illustrator), in addition to design programs for user interface and experience (Adobe XD – Figma – Sketch).
  4. Mastering responsive design so that the design is usable regardless of device sizes.
  5. Knowing how to communicate with the rest of the work team, especially programmers and developers, because their role is to transform the design into a practical and usable application.
  6. How to research the market and study competitors.
  7. How to make and test prototypes and analyze results.

If you want to enter the world of design and want to know the best sources and information that you can rely on, I advise you to review the following guides:

What skills does a user experience designer need?

For user experience, the website designer must be familiar with many things in order to perform his duties to the fullest; Such as:

  1. Extensive knowledge of consumer behavior, and what makes anyone buy anything.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of how to create Buyer Persona.
  3. How to make a complete strategy for different products and services.
  4. How to make initial wireframes for any design.
  5. How to build prototypes to evaluate initial designs and choose the most appropriate ones.
  6. How to collect and arrange different reactions to the initial designs of their modification.
  7. How to collaborate with the rest of the design team.
  8. Effectively communicate with marketing and development departments.

Sometimes the difference between UI and UX design dissolves, especially from the design of simple applications and websites, but the more complex the product, the greater the need for specialization.

The field of UI and UX design is one of the most important areas required at the present time, due to the comprehensive transformation we are currently experiencing in relying on smart devices in various aspects of life.

Every day there is a new device, application or software that seeks to get the attention of customers.


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