Top 12 Must-Have Features for Your Mobile E-commerce App in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

e-commerce app in Dubai

Tell me now, what’s more convenient than having your cravings satisfied in a span of fifteen to twenty minutes? Or have a designer dress delivered to your doorstep for a last-minute dinner plan. Mobile applications have made the lives of people easier than ever before. Shopping through the small screen of an e-commerce application in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has now become a lifestyle choice that most of us can’t avoid. Whether it’s simply to add items to your cart as stress therapy or to have your monthly groceries restocked on time. In fact, research suggests that the e-commerce market size in the UAE is forecast to reach 17 billion US dollars by 2025. This alone proves how incredibly businesses can gain by adding it to the magnificent world of mobile apps. 

However, not all apps in the mobile app world will enchant their users. While some seize the opportunities and survive the storms, others fail to stand out with complex functionalities and continuous errors. If you’ve been frantically typing e-commerce application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the Google search bar for some time now and want to learn some key features before you talk to your developer, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This blog will take you through the most important features your e-commerce app needs, to combat your competitors and climb the ladder for success. Hop on as we ride through them all. 

12 Features You Must Consider for E-Commerce App Development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

1. Easy Login Features

Lengthy log-in processes can immediately make a user have second thoughts about downloading your app. Too many questions and too many fields to fill out in this fast-paced world is definitely a no-no. People are always in a hurry, looking for solutions that will satisfy their needs in a quick and efficient way. Make it a simple login for users who have already used the app. Have a variety of sign-up ways with external social media accounts or email addresses for new users. 

2. Shopping Cart  

A shopping cart is undoubtedly a must-have for your e-commerce app. Users can add and remove as many products as they wish to have. It allows great flexibility by helping them to add an item they find satisfactory; however, they can also remove it at the checkout if they’ve found something better and have changed their mind about it.

They don’t have to proceed with the checkout immediately, but they can add items whenever they’re free and come back to the cart later when they want to pay. It provides the user with great flexibility and a positive experience. Thus, making in-app purchases time-saving and simple. 

3. AR  

One drawback of online shopping has always been the fact that we don’t know how suitable a product is for us. Fortunately, apps nowadays are equipped with the augmented reality feature, which allows users to try out a product before they even make a purchase. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s technology for you. AR allows users to visualize the product in their environment or even their bodies. This gives a more immersive experience and helps users be more confident with their purchases. 

e-commerce app development in Dubai

4. Search Options, Sorting, and Filtering 

If you’ve got a wide range of products you want to feature in your app, then it’s important that your users can find what they want seamlessly. For example, you have a jewelry store that sells all kinds of jewelry, from chains to rings to bracelets and anklets. If your customer is looking for a specific gemstone ring with a budget in mind, they would want to quickly filter out the options available. Some key features to include would be pricing ranges, discounts, bestsellers, and brands. So, make sure to look up the best in e-commerce application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and launch an app that’s comprehensive of these features. 

5. Personalized Recommendations  

Whether it’s spam mail or a thank-you note, if it has the user’s name on it, it’s bound to catch their attention. Well, because we all love a touch of personalization, don’t we? While e-commerce businesses and online stores are competing to get their users’ attention, one great way that works is by offering personalized recommendations. Having an e-commerce app can help you gain data and insights on consumer buying patterns, which will in turn help you give recommendations on offers and discounts on products they frequently buy. This will make that app steal your customer’s heart and stand out from the crowd. 

6. Real-Time Analytics  

With data that’s live, updatable, and dynamic, you can go beyond limits to master the user experience of your app. The concept of real-time analytics may not be new, but it’s still key for optimizing your marketing strategy. One major benefit you can gain by adding this feature to your mobile e-commerce app in Dubai is personalization. Accurate real-time analytics will track, collect, and record the data at each point of consumer interaction and will help cater for the ultimate user experience. Ensure that the company you opt for e-commerce app development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has extensive experience in this area of mobile application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  

7. Push-Notifications  

Push notification gets more attention than we think.  It’s a great way to elevate conversions and clickthrough rates. An attractive and relevant copy paired with eye-catching deals would be an ideal way to win your user’s heart. Based on data report by CleverTap, 44% of iOS users and 91% of Android users opt in to receive push notifications.  Push notifications also enhance brand image every time the notification pops up in your user’s screen. Moreover, push notifications are the easiest way to reach your customer straightforward with personalized recommendations.  

e-commerce app development in Dubai


8. Loyalty Programs  

Customers love rewards, and what better way than to reward loyal customers with loyalty programs? When users start using your app, they’ll make repeat purchases if they like the products and the service. By leveraging a great loyalty program, not only will you be adding value to your customers through membership rewards and points, but you will also gather user data that will help build an even better relationship with them. 

9. Secure Payment Getaways 

You don’t want your users to be frustrated after adding all their favorites to the cart only to abandon it because it seems to have a sketchy payment process, right? Ensure that the payment process is simple, reliable, and has multiple options users can choose from. While some still prefer cash on delivery, others opt for Google Pay, Apple Pay, Pay Pal, or even card payments. Therefore, having multiple payment options will help you reach a wider customer base. Users who find it easier to pay will return for more purchases in the future. 

10. Reviews and ratings 

It’s no surprise that online orders can overpromise and underdeliver sometimes. Especially when you order a Play Station 5 joystick only to find out it has a life span less than that of a mayfly. Consumers are now very skeptical, as they have received a disappointing online order at least once in their lives and don’t want to fall into that trap again. They’re constantly looking for ratings and reviews for anything they want to buy online, be it a phone charger or fine furniture. Incorporating reviews and ratings when developing your mobile e-commerce app in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will build consumer trust and drive away any doubt they have about your products. 

  e-commerce app development in Dubai

11. Customer Support  

Trying to build a relationship with your customer without a customer support feature is like talking to a wall. There is no point in trying. Customer support is a crucial part of your app. It will help your customers reach you with ease. Whether it’s for product queries, complaints, or even assistance for your products, your customers must be able to get in touch promptly and without hassle through email contacts, phone numbers, or AI chatbots. 

12. Offline Access  

Make your app accessible anywhere at any time! Whether Dubai residents are traveling to and from work for 2-3 hours in the metro or are hiking up a mountain to watch the sunrise during the holiday season, they would love to browse through products even when they can’t access the internet. Providing offline access during the stage of application development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will give you a competitive edge. Because people will prefer using an app that loads faster during times of poor signals. This will bring in happy customers and higher retention rates. 

Launching a mobile e-commerce app in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – Final Takeaway

You may be overwhelmed with what to do and what not to do as you’re taking that next big step to launch your app. However, keep in mind that what you sow now, you will reap in the future. Venturing into the world of app commerce will be an incredible move that will grow your business and enhance your brand. Align your business goals with the fundamental features you need to have in your app for maximum optimization. Check out if you’re looking for a professional mobile application development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to launch your e-commerce app with sophistication. 


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