No-Code Software- A Threat to even the Best App Developers in Dubai?

The rise of no code software- A threat to app developers in Dubai?

With AI being the buzzword that continues to surprise us with its capabilities, sometimes we can’t help but be freaked out and wonder ‘Wait, will it steal my job?’ I mean it’s quite reasonable to some extent that machines and tech are making work more efficient in industries like FBG and manufacturing. But they’re also being creative? Like you imagine, a tiger having a shawarma for lunch at a picnic by the beach, and BOOM! There you have it staring right back at you from your laptop screen. If you too were striked by another 3.AM thought and feared for your life wondering if the rise of no-code software will be the doom to your career goals, well then welcome to the gang! Keep reading to know if no-code software will take over geeky tech enthusiasts or even the best app developers in Dubai.

What is No-Code or Low-Code Software?

If you’re an app developer in Dubai, you probably know what it is already. However, let’s learn about it in a simple way so our non-coders don’t feel like they’re in a different dimension.

A no-code software is basically a tool for building software applications without coding. It generally has a visual interface with drop and drag tools and simple menus. For the code-allergy people out there like myself who can never stand to see tiny letters and hyphens covering the screen, this is like a deal breaker isn’t it? 

A no-code software allows users to create applications, websites and workflows without writing any code.  Now trust me it’s not something that emerged recently. When I say recently, I don’t mean the past ten years or so. In fact, it first came up in the 80s. However, the movement was soon disregarded as it had ‘failed fast’, until recently the revolution began again. 

We learnt that with a no code software, organizations can create solutions without the help of developers. So then what happens to developers? Does this mean a threat to demand of  app developer jobs in Dubai? Before we learn that, let’s dive into the thrills and spills of no Code software.

Pros Of No-Code Software for Users

  • Lower Cost

When we’re looking for the best mobile application development in Dubai, one major concern that businesses have is the cost. The city screams with talented tech enthusiasts from around the world, thriving startups and high quality software/ app development companies. But with good quality comes a better price tag. No-code software is the go-to option for companies that feel like developing a mobile app is a costly affair. In fact, according to research, using a no-code software can reduce your costs by 80 percent compared to contacting a mobile app developer in the UAE or any other country.

  • Faster Development Time

Apart from high quality app developers in Dubai who keep their word and deliver on time, most app developers lag and take so much time before they finish a project. You can launch a no-code app pretty quickly as it’s just a matter of utilizing the drop down menus in the interface. 

  • Easy Updates

Although it depends on the complexity and functionality, no-code software is generally easy to update with the majority having automatic updates. This means that you don’t have to wait for days for your changes or updates to go live. Moreover, even if you’ve made any mistakes or major changes you can correct them immediately without going through a tedious and frustrating process specially if the mobile application development company in Dubai you’ve chosen has a high turnaround time.

  • Seamless Support

A no-code software app’s support system is considered easy because procedures are user friendly. The apps have robust support, tutorials and documents to empower non-technical individuals to resolve issues and queries. These apps also have active user communities where they can share ideas, get help and discuss new tools.

Cons Of No-Code Software For Users

  • Limited Customization and Integration Options

While pre-defined templates may act as easy on-the-go creation of apps, they can also make your app less creative. Creativity is a key factor to make your brand steal the eyes of your users and no-code applications can limit creativity. In addition, since they already have temples, you might not be able to have the design of your app aligned to your goals to some extent. Integrating with external systems and databases will also not be possible in no-code applications.

  • Limited Scalability

Low-code applications work well for small applications with minimal system complexity. However, as your app grows, scalability will be limited as low-code applications will not support the requirements for leveraging a larger user base. They cannot integrate with cloud-based applications and hence will not be able store and manage huge amounts of data. 

  • Security and Compliance Concerns

If you’re thinking of developing an e-commerce app in Dubai, then no-code or low code application may not be the best solution. This is because there is barely any control over the code of your app. You’ll be safe as long as your platform is. It’s true that these apps have best practices for security guidelines, however they are limited compared to traditional methods of  mobile application development in Dubai

Is No-Code Software Stealing The Jobs Of App Developers in Dubai?

As the no-code landscape increases, it is reasonable for developers to worry if they’ve chosen the wrong career path. However, technology is only a means of making things convenient for people. From writers to web designers, and market research analysts, we’re all stressed and worried about our own purpose, wondering if machines can do the same we do.

However, we have to note that although AI can affect certain industries, it can never completely replace the job of a human.

Same with app developers. Wherever you are, whatever needs you have, mobile apps have come to your assistance. We depend on it for most of our needs, from getting a lunch delivered to your home in minutes to knowing if your heart heath is in good condition. But apps don’t just appear out of the blue right? We need developers to work their witchcraft on the keys. Especially because undoubtedly demand for app developers in Dubai and other countries surpasses the supply of these key-masters.

No code applications target simple or standard applications. Companies who want more complex applications would surely hire developers to create them. No code applications in fact rather than being a threat will actually be of help to app developers in Dubai. Allowing no code platforms to do the coding will cause a shift in the role of developers. In a good way. Developers will now be able to expand their skills to include strategic thinking, problem-solving, system architecture, and integrating no-code solutions into complex projects.

So the answer?

While it may have a slight impact on the Job opportunities, the rise of No-code platforms doesn’t necessarily mean the loss of jobs of mobile app developers in Dubai.


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