Why is React Native the Solution for Mobile App Development

React Native in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The mobile app development environment is challenging, and picking the right technology stack helps in the success of the project. CodeGuru Information Technology LLC is a top mobile application development company in Dubai. We use the best technologies in the world and help our clients deliver a product to the market completely. One of the trending technologies that has become immensely popular in recent years is React Native. This blog will be about what makes React Native the top choice for mobile app development & how it helps to scale your business as well.

Introduction to React Native

React Native is a mobile app framework developed by Facebook. It allows developers to construct mobile apps with JavaScript and React, famous for building UI. React Native allows you to build apps for iOS and Android without rewriting the entire app. This means developers need to only write a single version of code and run it on multiple platforms, drastically reducing development time and cost.

Reasons Why Developers Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

·       Cross-Platform Development

It is no surprise that React Native is one such versatile platform that can be used in cross-platforms. Developers need to code only once on React Native and they can easily employ their code on any iOS as well as all Android platforms. Not only does this increase the development process, but it also helps to ensure consistency across different operating systems. Using React Native provides seamless UX on an array of devices.

·       Faster Development and Time-to-Market

Code reuse can be done with React Native, which leads to faster development. Up to 90% of the codebase for iOS and Android can be shared, reducing the need for distinct development teams and efforts. This faster development cycle leads to a shortened time-to-market, allowing businesses to take advantage of their lead over competitors. We know the timely delivery over at CodeGuru Information Technology LLC therefore the benefit of using React Native to help us with the same.

·       Cost-Effective Development

Creating 2 different apps (iOS and Android) might be costly. Cross-platform development by React Native costs only a fraction of the time and money spent on developing separate apps for different platforms. CodeGuru Information Technology LLC, a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, offers the best app development solution at an affordable cost without degrading quality.

·       Native Performance and User Experience

React Native also uses native components, so the app you build with it can do anything a native app can do. Native modules and components grant fluent animations, quick boot times, and a snappy UI. For an IT company that creates mobile applications, user experience is the main goal; therefore, to fulfill it, the apps should be written on fast, and running without lags.

·       Strong Community Support and Ecosystem

A rich ecosystem of libraries & tools. With a lot of developers to test their code on, it becomes very easy for them to get answers for the problems they face, share knowledge, and even take advantage of all the existing components that are pre-built. Such community support further strengthens the development of any mobile application development company in Dubai and ensures the team keeps up-to-date with the latest enhancements and practices for a company like CodeGuru Information Technology LLC.

·       Reusable Components and Code Reusability

Components defined by React Native are reusable, which eventually promotes modular and maintainable code. This allows for faster development and consistency in design and functionality. Therefore, this ensures that for Dubai businesses alike, any changes and new features are completed within the application with ease.

·       Robust Debugging and Testing

App Development includes debugging and testing. Use the debugging and testing frameworks provided in React Native to ensure that the app is smooth and functioning properly. Additionally, automatic Testing ensures that the highest level of support is given to the mobile application development companies in Dubai.

·       Improved Developer Productivity

The development environment of React Native is itself oriented towards increasing developer productivity. The hot reloading, component-driven model, and the use of JavaScript itself combine forces to involve a re-creative development time. Moreover, these improvements help the company develop mobile solutions of the lightest caliper on the market, as the entire process is faster and more innovative, which is also a significant advantage that CodeGuru Information Technology LLC brings to its customers.

Why CodeGuru Information Technology LLC Chooses React Native

CodeGuru Information Technology LLC is a praised name in the mobile app development company in Dubai which promises unparalleled services to its clients. This is why we use React Native in our projects:

  • Expertise and Experience: We deployed many projects of different functionality to the market of our customers on React Native using it. Our development team has significant expertise in those technologies. Moreover, with this great experience, we see React-Native for what it is and can draw its biggest potential out to deliver more performant, user-friendly, modular, custom mobile applications the way our clients want them to be.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We listen to our clients and work with them on defining business needs and outcomes. Our customer-focused process allows us to deliver results to meet the vision and bottom line of your business.
  • End-to-End Solutions: We provide complete React Native development services, from idea to distribution. We deliver end-to-end comprehensive services, including UI/UX design, development, testing, and post-launch support.  Moreover, being a mobile app development company in Dubai, we never intended to put our clients in any trouble.
  • Quality Assurance: At CodeGuru Information Technology LLC, quality is what defines us the most. Our robust testing and QA protocols make certain that the mobile apps we build are bug-free, high-performing, and offer a smooth mobile experience.
  • Support and Maintenance for Long-term: Well, we do not dump our clients after their app is launched. We support your apps in post-staging, to keep them updated and running hassle-free. We made our teamwork 24/7 on fixing bugs and adding new functionalities.


Choosing the correct mobile app development framework is the most important thing to make the project successful. Some of the advantages of using React Native are cross-platform, Budget-friendly, native performance & strong community support. Additionally, we are the top mobile application development company in Dubai. We have the right to build React Native mobile applications for Android & iOS that work on multiple platforms.


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