Link Building Tactics: Reliable Strategies for Better SEO

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As we live in the digital world, search engine optimization is essential for enhancing the visibility of your business and reaching a broader audience. Without question, one of the most important parts of SEO is link building. This extensive guide from CodeGuru Information Technology LLC will cover solid link-building strategies that you can use to improve your SEO. Our expert team provides top of the line SEO services in Dubai that will help give you better rankings and more organic traffic.

Understanding Link Building:

Link building is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites back to your own website. The hyperlink (or link) is what a user clicks on to navigate from one web page to another. Search engines use links to complete the crawling of the web. Essentially, search engine bots will crawl through the links between the individual pages on your site, and they’ll crawl through each of the links that connect entire websites.

Why is Link Building Important for SEO?

SEO and link building go hand in hand because link building helps search engines find new web pages, also influence the position of those pages on their results pages. Google has placed high importance in this ranking algorithm known as the link profile because websites with quality links tend to be seen higher up on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Effective strategies:

  • Content Creation and Promotion: The most effective strategy for building links is to make great content that others want to link back to.
  1. Blog Posts: If you write good, in-depth blog posts that actually provide readers with value, backlinks will come naturally. Always ensure that your content reflects the concerns and wants of our target group.
  2. Infographics: Infographics bring in a lot of backlinks. Social tool infographics are easy to share, but you can also break down complex information into a more digestible version that other sites may prefer.
  3. Case Studies: Publish detailed case studies of your success stories. These could attract links from industry peers and future clients, who are interested in the insights you’ve got to share.


  • Guest Blogging: Also, guest blogging is the art of writing articles for and being featured on someone else’s website who also relates to your brand. This strategy not only broadens your reach to a newer audience that could express interest in the topics you cover on each page, but it also complements our SEO services in Dubai.

1.      How to find guest blogging opportunities

  • One good place to start is with a search engine and looking for websites that accept guest posts
  • Check if your competitors have blogs based on industry.
  • Use social media to find opportunities


  • Broken Link Building: Broken link building is the practice of identifying broken links on other websites, contacting the site owner to inform them of said broken link, and then recommending a piece of content that would fit in its place. This strategy helps webmasters fix their broken links while you gain a new backlink.
  1. Steps for broken link building:
  • Find websites within your niche that have broken links
  • Contact the webmaster, let them know about the broken link and that you have a similar piece of content.
  • To submit content that is of relevance and importance to the audience/key readers of the site.


  • Leveraging Social Media: A powerful tool for link building, social media-shared content on multiple social platforms can bring more traffic backlink opportunities.

1.      Social Media Best Practices:

  • Frequently share your content on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Be responsive to comments and discuss ideas in the comment section.
  • Be present on relevant groups or forums and share your knowledge along with link to your content.


  • Competitor Analysis: You can analyze the backlink profile of your competitors to find great link building opportunities here. You can use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find out the origin of your competitor links.

1.      Steps for Competitor Analysis

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • Use some backlink analysis tools and explore their link profiles.
  • Outtake your competitors and check what backlinks they have in common, then look at those websites linking to more than one of them at the same time. Contact them and offer your content as an alternative.

Common Mistakes:

  • Buying Links: Buying links is a violation of Google guidelines, and doing so will get your site penalized severely. Concentrate on creating and obtaining high-quality backlinks naturally using the methods listed above.
  • Using Low Quality Directories: Links from low-quality directories can harm your rankings. Make sure the directories you use are reputable and in line with your industry.
  • Over-Optimizing Anchor Text: Don’t over-optimize your anchor text. A mix of branded, general, and exact-match anchor texts is naturally prevalent. Using a balanced approach aligns with the best practices for SEO services in Dubai.
  • Ignoring Internal Links: Internal linking spreads the page authority across your site’s pages. Don’t forget to add internal links in your content, this will help improve SEO and provides an easier way for users to navigate your website.


We’ll begin with link building, which is one of the most crucial aspects of good SEO and a key factor in boosting search engine visibility and generating organic traffic. Good link building strategies can help Dubai businesses improve their on-line visibility and optimize in SEO.

CodeGuru Information Technology LLC provides professional SEO services in Dubai. Build a good link profile with the help of our high-quality link-building experts to meet your digital marketing objectives! Whether you want to create high-quality content, involved in guest blogging or analyze your competitor’s backlinks efforts; our team will assist you through every action.



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